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AADC Constructing 4 Distribution Substations (240MV)

January, 7 2013 Views: 19281
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AADC has executed 4 new distribution substations (11/33Kv) with total capacity of (240 M V) costing about Dhs. 600 million. As declared by H.E. Mohammed Salem Bin Omair, AADC Managing Director.
The project included the replacement of 3old distribution stations with new ones and implementing some expansions on the33Kv and 11Kv panels at the existing substations. The Project also, included constructing of 11 Kv ground cables and constructing of 11Km overhead lines.
H. E. Bin Omair, stated that this landmark project aiming to meet the growing peak demand of loads and to ensure security of supply due to the rapid rise of population and the subsequent demands without any interruption. H. E. also added that we have implemented the project to reinforce and strengthen the 33Kv distribution network and doubling up  the ability and skills of our engineers to properly control and monitor the performance of the distribution network through the company main control center. 
During the implementation phase of constructing the ground cables, we have taken into consideration the safety precautions and to make sure that the process is being executed without any failure or interruption of supply and the ground cables are as per the safety standards to ensure the consistency, reliability and efficiency of cables during natural disasters such as storms and emergency cases.       

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