Saving Kits

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Water saving tools are being used in the countries that face water scarcity.
These tools reduces the flow of water quantity by mixing air with water and giving the same pressure flow without reducing the water flow strength, but it reduces a great water quantity that may reach to 60% these tools can be placed on all water outlets at the house without changing of taps or showers.
The water saving tools have bee designed with different shapes and sizes to fit with the installed sanitary tools note that after placing these tools water will come with a white color because of melting of air in water, studies that have been done in some of the countries where these tools are installed have shown that those who installed these tools saved water quantities that are equivalent to the price of these pieces during the first six months only after installing of these pieces.

Displacement Bag

Displacement bag

The Displacement Bag should be placed in the flushing box (siphon).

Water saved in each day
  • 15 liters for each person using the toilet 5 times: 3,475 m3 gallons per day.
  • Water saved in each year: 1440 gallons -  5,475 m3 per year.
  • There is no need to install the displacement bag if you are using 6 liters flushing box which has its own saving features.
  • In case of failure to place the displacement bag in the flushing box, fill to half of water level then enter the displacement bag or enter the bag first then fill the box with water.
Installation Steps
  1. Fill the displacement bag with water to the prescribed level.
  2. Close the bag firmly and hang the bag inside it of the flushing box toilet
  3. Make sure that the bag is properly instated without hindering the operation of the flushing kits.

Washing tap saver

Washing tap saver

Water saved by each person:1.5 gallons per minutes.
Water saved by each individual each day:79.8 liters, 21 gallons.
Water saved per year :7665 gallons - 29.14 m3 per year.

Installation steps
  1. Remove the old faucet.
  2. Fix the new saver as per instructions of manual kept inside the bag.
  3. Make sure that the new saver is firmly fixed to avoid leakage.

Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Kichen Faucet Aerator

Water follow rate:1.5 gallons per minutes.
Water saved by one person:19 liters, 5 gallons per day.
Total Water saved by one person each year:825 gallons, 6.9m3 per year.

Installation of Kitchen Faucet Aerator
  1. Remove the old faucet.
  2. Fix the new saver as per instructions of manual kept inside the bag.
  3. Installation of saver in case of external thread.
  4. Installation saver in case of external thread.
  5. To obtain different forms of flow drag down or raise up the header.

Toilet Showerhead

Toilet Showerhead

Water flow rate: 2.25 gallons per minutes.
Water saved by one person:3 gallons per day
Total water saved by one person each year:4.16 m3 per year, 1095 gallons per year

  1. Remove the old shower.
  2. Fix the shower header.
  3. make sure that the header is firmly fixed to avoid leakage.

Leakage detection tablets for Toilet’s flush box

Leakage Detection Tablets

Blue tablets are used to detect leaks. The tablets are to be placed in the tank without flushing. If the water in bowl turns to blue color, that means there is a toilet leak required to be repaired.

Installation steps
  1. Take out the leak detection tablets from its bag.
  2. Drop the tablets in to the tank and wait for a few minutes.
  3. If the blue color from the tablets appears in the bowel, there is a toilet leak.

Stop In Time shower timer

Stop-In Time shower timer

Encourage efficient showering with the stop in time shower timer. the stop in time shower timer is an easy , inexpensive way to save water and energy by providing a way to monitor and reduce showering time.

Installation steps
  1. Simply rotate the stop in times  to activate the hour glass sand timer.
  2. When the sand has traveled from one cavity to another, you know enough time has elapsed and you be clean and out of the shower.


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