Health and Safety

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AADC is  aiming to minimize HSE risks while carrying out the distribution of water and electricity in order to protect Health & Safety or our employees, contractors, customers and the community at large as well as the property of AADC and the Environment. Through active participation of all employees of AADC and contractors and full compliance with the international requirements" The ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001", as well as local laws and regulations, we will strive to manage HSE risks.

Good HSE performance will contribute to the welfare and success of company business, therefore we are committed to our mission and ask all concerned for their support and positive contribution.


  • Health:No harm to people (employees, contractors, customers or public).
  • Safety:  No harm to people (employees, contractors, customers or public).
  • Resources:  Preserve natural ad company resources.
  • Environment: Wastes: Control and minimize both domestic and industrial wastes. , Spills:  Control and Prevent Oil & Chemical Spills.
  • HSE Performance:  Maintain ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Standards & ADC HSE Management System.
  • Training: Identify and Conduct proper HSE Training.
  • Awareness:   Improve HSE Awareness to Employees, Contractors, Customers and Public.
  • Loss & Accident:  Ensure the Reliability ad availability of all HSE and Fire Fighting system's and Equipment.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement

Contractor’s Registration for HSE


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