Power Distribution

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Power Distribution

Electrical energy is currently the vital nerve of life and delivery of electricity services is a measure between States on how far they are developed. Where it is more than 30% of the different energy sources currently being used to produce electric power, energy is the basis of both useful and productive work, especially after it got involved with various public and private fields in the second half of the twentieth century. Latest energy participations have led to a revolution in introducing the field of technological development to the world.

Al Ain Distribution Company has become one of the leading companies in the region where the updates and the introduction of latest technologies, technical and technological systems and methods in all its directors and departments. It is also introducing the latest equipment in the modernization of power distribution network to achieve its goals which are reflected in ensuring the continuity of power supply to consumers. In particular, electrical energy is one of the most important and dynamic factors affecting the national economy. Al Ain Distribution Company is always aware of the responsibility of maintaining, developing and strengthening the main distribution network to meet the requirements of expansion within the city of Al Ain and its outside regions , it fulfills that by using different methods and adopting  new ideas meant to strengthen the network and related control activities.

Among these ideas, the application of the digital mobile maintenance had been created as an innovative idea implemented through the Al Ain Distribution Company. The project is to replace the traditional concept of preventive maintenance by proactive maintenance with information technology support by using system automatically linked to the MAXIMO. The objective of the project is to discover any defects prepared in the initial stage and take necessary corrective action before the problems, and accordingly, saving the results electronically.
Among other achievements, below are instances of what has been achieved in this project:

  • Reducing the number of cases of power outages to consumers through the discovery of faults in its initial stages, where outages were reduced at a rate of 8.6% - the equivalent of 1,597,100 customer/ min.
  • Maintenance of 100% of all network equipments annually, by using the same maintenance group.
  • Transforming the work environment to an electronic environment implemented in the site and create a database for each equipment separately during the Tagging project\
  • Preservation of the environment.
  • Reducing costs in general, and general maintenance costs in particular.

Besides, the company continues to develop, update and raise the efficiency of the network and overhead lines that serve the broad sector of the city of Al Ain and regions. The company used devices which were not previously existing in the network, such as restoring electricity supply automatically within a few seconds, as well as identifying the faulty part of the line easily through sectionalizers. This results in improved network performance and reduces the frequency of breakdowns, which results in turn in power supply restoration in the shortest possible time.

Also the company installed devices in the network; given the wind light signals help overhead lines engineers to locate faults then to identify the trippion and work to fix the fault as soon as possible.

As a result of implementing this project, Al Ain Distribution Company won the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance for the class of  the Technical Project for year 2009. More to the point, Al Ain Distribution Company received the award of excellence in the management of energy networks from the British establishment EA-Technology, being one of the world's leading companies in the maintenance of energy equipments through the application of digital mobile servicing system in the Middle East.

In addition, several projects were executed by commissioning a number of primary stations and distribution stations, as well as providing high capacity transformers to meet the new loads and newly developed areas and to strengthen the existing loads and improve their performance and quality. Besides, a remarkable attainment was the expansion of the Distribution Management System and the enhancement of the level of monitoring 11/0.415 KV substations.

The company also operates and maintains the protection system and carries out the required testing, as per the international standards, to maintain the distribution networks, being the most expensive asset in the company. The protection system has a primary role in handling power supply interruptions problems that happen around the clock, as well as analyzing the related breakdowns and providing suitable solutions. Substation Control and Monitoring System (SCMS) is widely used in grid stations and newly commissioned primary stations to enhance the level of secure operation and provide a digitalized tool for network control and operation analysis. Moreover, the company owns, operate and maintain the Interface Settlement Meters through which Transco Buck Supply is settled.  

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