Maintaining and cleaning water tanks

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Water Tanks

Al Ain Distribution Company is always keen on maintaining the water distribution network in order to provide its customer with pure and good quality water .The company also conducts the required water chemical and biological tests that ensure the cleaning and purification of water tanks and make sure that tanks are properly covered to protect the water from pollution , insect, dust etc.

Cleaning procedures for water tank

  • Keep the water tanks in clean and un polluted places .
  • Keep the water tanks in accessible places for maintenance and cleaning . make sure that the water tank is in good condition and properly covered .
  • Use water tanks made from materials that do not affect water , natural and chemical features .
  • The tank should be periodically inspected and disinfected to ensure its cleanness.
  • Use sterilization tools and equipment for cleaning and purifying the water tanks.
  • The water tanks should be outfitted with proper holes for filling , washing and airing purpose.
  • Water buoy should be available to control in water quantity inside the tank.


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